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Corporate Branding

Customize any of our hampers with your company logo or message. Whether it's on a tag, the lid

of the packaging, or the side of a bag, we can accommodate your branding needs.

By adding your logo to the hamper, whether it's intended as an employee or client gift, it goes beyond just being a collection of items – it becomes a representation of your company's identity and values. It's not just about what's inside; it's about leaving a lasting impression. Your logo adds a touch of elegance and personalisation, making the recipient feel truly appreciated. It's a simple yet meaningful way to show thoughtfulness and leave a positive impression of your brand.  So why settle for ordinary when you can make an impact with every hamper?

Branding Options

For personalised hampers, we require a minimum order of 20 units at a rate of £1.75 each, excluding VAT.

Alternatively, take advantage of complimentary branding on orders of 50 units or more.

You have the flexibility to mix and match hampers to meet the minimum quantity requirement.

Why Choose
Porter and Woodman Gifts for

Your Corporate Branding Needs?

At Porter and Woodman Gifts, we go above and beyond to meet your corporate branding requirements. Our dedicated account managers and designers collaborate closely with you to achieve the precise look and feel you desire for your branded gifts.

As a packaging and print company, we specialise in tailoring the presentation of our gifts to your branding specifications. From customised packaging to branded materials, we ensure that every detail reflects your corporate identity.

With our in-house fulfilment and packing facility, we maintain complete control over your orders from inception to delivery. This streamlined process guarantees efficient handling and timely delivery, with minimal hassle for you.

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